Winter Weather Reminders

CAS Winter Weather Policy:

If Worthington Schools are closed for the day, CAS is closed.
If the start of school is delayed, the CAS before school program is closed.
If the elementary schools dismiss at their regular time but the middle schools or high schools are dismissed early for an emergency, CAS closes at 4:00 PM.
If the elementary schools are dismissed early for an emergency, CAS is closed.
Parents must make alternate arrangements for days when CAS is closed or closes early for an emergency and ensure their children are aware of the plan. Parents are asked to monitor the local news media for cancellation, delay, and early dismissal information.
CAS believes playing in the snow is an important part of childhood. When the weather permits, we will be taking children outside. To play in the snow, children must be dressed appropriately: boots, hats, mittens, snow pants or a change of clothes. Please make sure your children pack these items so they can enjoy the winter fun!